Best Design Examples to Create Beautiful Website Sitemap for SEO Users

Google XML Sitemap design

A Sitemap is one of the most important parts of any website architecture because it keeps all the important pages of the website. A sitemap lists all the pages of products, categories and other website information pages like contact us, about us and careers. An HTML sitemap is a classification or the representation of website pages for users and search engines. Website designers create an HTML sitemap for visitors and XML sitemap for search engine bots to crawl and index all pages of a sitemap.

What is HTML Sitemap and why this is beneficial for SEO of Website?

Users can find any important page with HTML Sitemap which they are unable to find on the website. Just by clicking on HTML Sitemap a user can search what he wants from a website. HTML is used to create a static and readable sitemap for users. HTML Sitemap has its own importance in SEO because this gives the direct link to the internal pages.

In this article, we have tried to give the best practices to create the sitemap for the users and search engines for benefitting the whole website.

Beautiful designs templates for Website Sitemap creations

Zappos Sitemap best design example
                                                      Zappos has created user-friendly Sitemap design


Zappos made excellent sitemap to show the best pages in a simplified manner for users. This is a very creative sitemap because Zappos helps their visitors to find pages in an alphabetical order also. To increase conversions from the sitemap, TEXT is coming on top of the header because every page is very important for the website and nobody will miss the SITEMAP for optimization. Zappos is a very good example for Sitemap design for an eCommerce website.

 Visit here for more info about Zappos Creative Sitemap –

Nordstrom Sitemap Example
                                                                                        Nordstrom Sitemap Example

The main purpose to create any SITEMAP for Website is to increase the user experience and ease the navigation for the visitors. In above example, Nordstrom has put this excellent feature of Internal Page Navigation from main categories on top. When a user clicks on the categories listed on top like HANDBAGS, he will directly go to HANDBAGS category.

Visit Nordstrom Sitemap –


oracle sitemap is a very large site having more than three million pages in their sites and having country specific sites across the globe. In this case, they prefer to create sitemap only for the USA instead of all the countries. At first scroll, they have included all the important categories in their sitemap and gave a “View expanded site map” where users can find detailed sitemap from this link. From SEO point of view, this is a very good and recommended feature.

Click here to see detailed ORACLE Sitemap –


Snapdeal SEO sitemap is India’s one of the biggest eCommerce sites and they did a tremendous work on their website sitemap. They kept all the factors concerning SEO and the user’s point of view while creating a sitemap. They designed the header menu box in this fashion that if a user scrolls the window, it won’t hide it from the user’s eyes.

The Visitor can click the top categories at any point in time. The ‘Use of products’ icon to explain the category is a very user-friendly technique to educate the visitors about their products. Different colors on products and category names differentiate the links from each other and easy for the users. This is one of the best examples of Interactive Sitemaps for big sites having more than million of pages.

View Sitemap –

Apple Sitemap


Last but not least,’s sitemap is one of the personal favorite from a very long time. Apart from very clean and beautiful design for SEO & users, I like that the placement of links in the first scroll of the page. They have placed links for the users in the first scroll rather than to showcase their top selling products like iphone7, iPad which shows they are more concerned about users first rather than search engine, which is the real SEO what Google & other SEO experts also says “Optimize Your Website for Users Not For Search Engines”.

Above we have illustrated most brilliant examples of creating an HTML Sitemap for websites. These design templates will help you create a Sitemap design for the website. You can customize the sitemap according to your needs and niche of the website. People are leaving their traditional behavior to purchase online. Nowadays users are very smart and they want every page to be interactive and visually attractive. Remember, they can buy and thus will search any product from any page. So, web design, feel and look, internal navigation, site structure are very crucial points while creating a website.

I hope you will get the answers to your questions like “Why is it important to have a sitemap” or “What is the use of XML sitemap?” The importance of Sitemap for Google & SEO is crucial, so kindly again refresh & learn the knowledge about sitemaps.

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