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Generate Visual sitemap for Website planning

When we talk about Visual Sitemap of a website first & most important question comes into our mind “why we need to make a visual sitemap for website planning?” “Is it important for users, SEO or for web designers?” But, online marketers & webmasters should understand the important thing here is when we create the website the ultimate goal of any website or online business is to get traffic to boost revenue and conversions. Conversion is the thing where people and most of the businesses fail because information architecture of the website is not strong enough to bring down the visitors on exact landing page or services/product page.

What is Sitemap and How many Types of Sitemap Are Available Online

Wikipedia – “A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.”

HTML Sitemap, XML Sitemap, and ROR sitemap these are the most popular types of Sitemaps online. Business creates the sitemap for videos, websites, blogs, forums, image and videos also.

Why Visual Sitemap is Important for SEO and Visitors

Visual Sitemap helps the website owner to draw a navigational path or flow chart from top to bottom that “what is the best funnel path to reach a landing page”. How a product landing page can be accessed from how many categories or pages of the website. This Diagram of a website is important for SEO to understand the internal linking of pages on different keywords.

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Categorization of a website is also one of the most important parts of website planning and SEO. Visual Sitemap helps us to classify all important pages in parent categories, child categories, and subcategories. This information architecture of the website is the best way to create search engine friendly and user-friendly URLs.

This Visual Sitemap is very important on big e-commerce sites and app development of iPhone and android because flow path of the home page to landing page must be very clearly defined. Many time search engines crawl and indexed your wrong page for a particular page and this thing disrupts your flow path for landing page and reduces the conversions because a visitor is landing on the wrong page where he is not able to find exact information on that page.

This wrong navigation or wrong indexing irritates the visitors and big obstacles to converting visitors into customers.  Might be that visitor doesn’t come up again on your website or leave your page very early because this is not what he was looking for. Here Visual Sitemap plays an important role to define exact placement of most importance, less important and nonimportant pages in the website.

In our previous post about sitemap, we have listed down the most popular free & paid XML Generators for WordPress website.

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Generate Visual sitemap for Website planning
Generate Visual sitemap for Website planning

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What are the Best Tools to Create Visual Sitemap Online                                

To create Visual Sitemaps doesn’t require any Photoshop or designing skills to create this. Just, you need to know how to drag a visitor into money landing page.  Many best sitemap tools are available online to create the visual sitemaps for a website.

Following are the best tools to make Visual Sitemaps

  • http://mindnode.comMindnode is for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users and ranked by Apple as “Apple Store Best”. Web site mapping is very easy with these free visual sitemap generators. Mindnode is best for small websites up to 40k pages.
  • With some very smart objects and shapes, gliffy made his reputable position in the industry among designers. Plenty of features offering by gliffy for his users.
  • also a good choice for designers to make creative work online.
  • diagram & website flowchart tool which can be used from single user to 100 users you can in real time. You can use this in Free Plan also.
  • of the best visual sitemap generator tool online. Already using and recommended by top companies. Very easy to use and 30 day’s trial period also available.
  • Microsoft Visio Another Microsoft product to create some beautiful diagrams very quickly.

If you want to add any best website mapping tool which we might we have missed, don’t think twice, and just write in the comment box below. We appreciate if you share your views on this article. Get the words spreading by sharing about visual sitemap generators with friends!

Awesome Visual Sitemap Generators for Website Mapping – Free & Paid Tools

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